Call For Paper

Evolutionary Computing

Memetic Algorithms & Genetic Algorithms

Advanced Evolutionary Design

Swarm/ Collective Intelligence

Evolutionary Search and Meta-heuristics

Agent-based Systems and Artificial Life

Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization

Particle Swarm Optimization

Meta-Heuristics and Intelligent Evolutionary Search

Evolvable/Adaptive Hardware and Systems

Advanced Genetic Algorithms

Complex-Adaptive Systems and Biocomputing

Evolutionary Game Theory and Evolutionary Scheduling

Quantum Computing and Nano Computing

Bio-Inspired Hardware Systems and Software Practices

Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming in Swarm Intelligence

Differential Evolution in Artificial Immune Systems

Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics

Evolutionary Computation in AI

Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Models

Evolutionary Applications in Games and Entertainment Technologies

Evolutionary Robotics, Industrial and Real World Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Sustainable Networks

Big Data

Sustainable Energy, Grids, and Networks

Green Wireless Sensor Networks

Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks

Cognitive Mobile and 5G Networks

Renewable Energy Sources for Communication Networks

Sustainable Energy-Efficient UAV-based Networks

Field Trials of Sustainable Networking and Computing

Energy-Efficient 5G Network Models and Applications

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

Sustainability in Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) & Vehicular Networks

Green Data Centers and Computing Architectures

Smart Embedded Networks and Ubiquitous Computing Models

Low-Power Local and Wide-Area Networks

Multimedia and Real-Time Networking Models

Security in Wireless Communication and Mobile Cloud Computing

Sustainable Social Networks and Applications

Techniques for Flexible Spectrum Usage in Wireless Communication

Secured Blockchain Models Applications

Cloud-based Mobile Networks and Applications

Big Data Analytics

Real-World Practices of Big Data Analysis